VIRTUAnimator Update Alpha 0.1

Update so soon!

This update includes a lot of new/fixed things. The biggest of which is proper per-object timelines being completely (functionally) implemented. Timelines will now appear above the object, allowing you to work on multiple timelines at once if you wanted.

Content can now be loaded in at runtime, though lots of work still needs to be done on this. Currently, it’s required to export your model/rig/etc from the Unity3D editor as an AssetBundle. If this remains a requirement, I’ll see what I can allow players to do in addition to just exporting (like adding lights, or particles). So far, rigged characters can be imported and automatically IK-ified, and other types of objects should be even easier to import.

I’ve made attempts at rendering an image sequence on a separate thread (to prevent stuttering during the app), but Unity methods don’t work outside of the main thread. So, I’ve got 2 options I can think of:
First, and most likely, is just have a separate desktop app that exports animations. This way, it can stutter all it wants, and it doesn’t matter since it’s not in VR.
Second, and something I don’t really want to get into, is implement a graphics library, and have that handle exporting each ‘frame’. While it’d probably let you export properly, it might be excessive for a VR app. I’ll have a better idea once I have some VR hardware to test with.