VR Animation Tool v0.1

I’ve recently made huge progress on my runtime animation tool for VR. In a 20 dev sprint, I managed to hammer out the timeline/keyframe system. It’s pretty basic at the moment, and doesn’t make a per-object timeline yet, but the core functionality is there. Still no access to actual VR hardware, so it uses a more traditional setup currently. The idea is that, using the motion controls inside of VR space, you can pose a model, and save that pose as a ‘Keyframe’ (currently represented by big brown boxes, but soon a screenshot of the keyframed pose). In between each keyframe is a ‘Settings’ box, which currently displays the duration between the two keyframes. Tapping on it will bring up a window to edit all appropriate settings, such as ease in/out timing (so that the animation isn’t entirely linear).

It utilizes an IK-based model, so that you don’t need to worry about manually rotating each joint – just move one of the big red nodes, and the character will move how you’d expect. I’ve also got the basics of a ragdoll-based model, but won’t try getting it to work with the keyframes until I’ve seen how each feels to use in VR. The biggest benefit of a ragdoll-based model is that I could probably allow hot-loading of custom models, and generate a ragdoll at runtime. The keyframes would simply store each simulated part’s data, and everything would work mostly the same, only you wouldn’t be limited to biped models!

I’ll try to post here about each milestone (most likely every time I make a video about it), since there’s only so much I can talk about in a video description, or on twitter.